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This event is aimed at teaching you how to differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace.

Gladiator Mastery is not for the faint-hearted. This intense and unique 12-hour event is designed to push your limits and test boundaries you didn’t know existed. Our main goal: success. We want to teach you tangible skills to take your business to the next level.


This exclusive, limited-seated, one day event will completely transform your outlook on how to get more sales for your business.

Dariush Soudi, serial entrepreneur, has created a practical blueprint for success using his 35 years of industry experience, research, and education. Over this one impactful day, you will learn the skills required to instantly generate profits.




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Who is it For?


An entrepreneur undertakes the most risks when it comes to setting up businesses, but also enjoys the most rewards. Learn new skills to help you generate economic wealth, growth, and innovation.

Sales and Marketing Executives

In order to be the best in your field, you have to continuously adapt to new information and technology. Sales and marketing executives research and develop marketing and sales strategies; acquire the essential skills you need to surpass competitors.


As an innovator, you are a source of new ideas, goods, and services. Get the necessary business acumen you need to succeed in your projects.
Why Gladiator Mastery?
Dariush Soudi
Dariush Soudi

A Gladiator Speaks

We need to practice, plan, implement and take action on our skills, while our enemies are resting. As gladiators we battle every day so one day we have a life of abundance.

Dariush Soudi

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Next Event

Dates To Be Announced

Enter the arena as Gladiator, leave as a Praetorian.

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